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The Members Farm Page is the newest addition to the MOAC site. It’s a trial run and will continue if successful.
MOAC gets many requests for many of its top notch breeders whom are striving to adhere to the French Standards of Marans. Sometimes searching for these breeders can become tedious.

MOAC would like to feature some of its top breeders that take their breeding programs seriously We are now offering a MOAC Farm Introduction Page for these breeders. 


This takes time and effort to get them listed on the MOAC MFP so we are charging a small fee of only 5.00 a month or six months for 25.00.

MOAC gets thousands of hits a month and we feel that marans enthusiasts are looking for new information and answers and we fell this will benefit our breeders as well. 


To have your ad place we are asking that you create a short introduction of your farm with the link to your main web site as the example below with 2-4 pictures.


Once you have paid through Pay Pal just email us your file in a Word .doc or email. Please state where you would like pictures to go. Please email your ad to

We hope this service will be helpful for all Marans enthusiasts.


Email us for more info
Our Email

Our French Black Copper Marans





Littlepeddler’s Marans is dedicated to the French Standards of Marans.

Our breeding programs are concentrating on improving the Initial Jeane Line of Black Copper Marans as well as accurately developing the all new Littlepeddler’s Line of Black Copper Marans for 2011.

Littlepeddler’s Line of Black Copper Marans is not related to ANY USA line of Marans.

Taking orders for Jeane Line eggs for March 2011 delivery.


Visit our web site at



Littlepeddler’s LP Ebba

This space for your Farm for just 25.00 for six months!!!



This Space ready for you Farm Page to be added!!!!!!


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