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Big Bird Classic 2011

The 2nd annual Big Bird Classic was held March 19th 2011 in Pine Bluff Arkansas and hosted by Ann Charles. This was a very successful show as far as the marans were concerned. There forty-seven marans shown and several different varieties.  APA Judge Pat Malone judged the marans that were shown and he also had many great things to say about how the breed is improving.

Below his is statement as written by Pat Malone.

“I enjoyed judging the National Meet of The Marans of America Club.  A  Black Copper Marans hen was Best of Breed and the Black Copper Marans pullet was Reserve of Breed.  A Cuckoo male was 3rd best followed by a Black Copper Cock as 4th best and Blue Copper was 5th best.

This breed had shown great improvement in the Black Copper Variety and I give my best wishes to Marans breeders as you continue to work on this very interesting breed”.

Pat Malone

APA #1087

We were all able to ask Pat many questions about the breed and again we are still learning with every show.

Marans Exhibitors are listed below:

Ernie Haire-Arp.TX.

Peggy Taylor-Huntington, TX

Karel Gray-Nixa MO.

Jeanette Smith- Walnut, MS

Brenda Little-Fort Smith, AR


Peggy Taylor's Black Copper Hen took Best of Breed and Best of Variety.  This hen also took Best of Breed at the Newnan GA. Show.
Peggy knew what she was looking for when she purchased this hen and we were in awe to see such a great looking bird be
presented at the Big Bird Classic. Thanks so much Peggy for your participation.

Brenda Little's LP Line of Black Copper Marans took Reserve of Breed and Reserve of Variety and 1st Place with her pullet.
Other Rankings for Black Copper Marans are as follows:
Brenda Little- 1st Place
Peggy Taylor- 2nd Place
Ernie Haire-3rd Place

Peggy Taylor- 1st Place
Jeanette Smith- 2nd Place
Ernie Haire-3rd Place
Karel Gray-4th Place
Brenda Little- 5th Place

Ernie Haire- 1st Place
Brenda Little- 2nd Place
Karel Gray- 3rd Place
Ernie Haire- 4th Place
Jeanette Smith- 5th Place

Brenda Little - 1st Place
Karel Gary- 2nd Place
Ernie Haire- 3rd Place
Jeanette Smith- 4th Place
Brenda Little- 5th Place


Karen Gray won Best of Variety with her Wheaten Pullet. She also took 1st place.

Jeanette Smith took Reserve of Variety in the wheatens with her hen and also took 1st place.
Other Rankings for Wheatens are listed below.

Jeanette Smith-1st Place
Peggy Taylor - 2nd Place

Jeanette Smith- 1st Place
Peggy Taylor- 2nd Place
Ernie Haire- 3rd Place

Karel Gary- 1st Place

Karel Gary- 1st Place
Karel Gray - 2nd Place
Peggy Taylor - 3rd Place

Ernie Haire's showed Cuckoo Marans and took Best of Variety, with this cockerel.
Ernie also presented Cuckoo pullets and hens which all came in 2nd and 3rd places.
Ernie presented some stunning Blue Copper Marans.

Blue Marans below

The Marans Eggs Show At Big Bird Classic 2011

Tammy Kostas 1st Place-BCM         Asa Ralls 2nd Place - BCM            Jeanette Smith 3rd Place - BCM

Brenda Little-4th Place BCM                Leigh Ann Littlejohn -5th Place BCM

Jeanette Smith - 1st Place Wheaten  Tammy Kostas- 2nd Place Wheaten    Karel Gray - 3rd Place Wheaten

Karen Tewart - 1st Place Salmons         Dennis Jolly - 1st Place  Cuckoo

Just for the fun of it.

MOAC 2nd Annual Art Work Created by Jeanette Smith and presented to  Brenda Little.
Watch for prints to offered soon.

MOAC members just having a good time.

MOAC corner table with raffle items and Egg display.

The future of poultry shows. Each child received a reward certificate for entering  the color contest
and all won prizes of some kind. This had to be the most fun of all. MOAC VP Jeanette did a terrific job with
this contest again this year.

APA ABA Pat Malone doing a fine job judging.
Watch for pictures as they come in from other members at the show.

The MOAC table drew a large crowd with the egg display and logo items for sale. The raffle also was a big bang
this year as it was last year. Thanks to all who donated items to raffle off. We had over 15 items to raffle off and
this really excited the crowd to see such nice items up for raffle.